Jayli Wolf is an Indigenous singer-songwriter, actor, and filmmaker based out of Toronto, Canada.

She works to be a role model in her community, speaking to indigenous youth

about the entertainment industry and empowering them to follow their dreams.


Jayli began writing music at a young age but started to take it more seriously

after meeting her partner Hayden Wolf. The two met while leaving the doomsday religion

they were both raised in. Excommunicated by their communities, they decided to use music

as their voice. They fell in love and began writing folk music in a small valley town

near the Canadian Rockies. When Jayli won a songwriting contest through APTN and

Big Soul Productions called 'First Tracks.' She was flown to Toronto to shoot a music video

and ended up staying in the big city. Soon after, Jayli started the band, Once A Tree, with her partner

Hayden Wolf. Since the release of the band’s debut album in 2017, their music has been featured on Billboard, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, Nylon, MUCH and MTV.

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